Be more than a FitPro™, Own a FitPro™ Location!  

Finally a low cost, revolutionary Fitness Franchise is taking the Fitness industry by storm! Founded by top minds, NFL trainers, and Public Figures, FitPro™ encompasses all facets of Health and wellness. FitPro™ Franchise is truly a turnkey concept, providing opportunity for entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and a fitness destination like no other. FitPro™ modern-day fitness destination Incorporates proprietary fitness classes, world renowned nutritionists and dietitians for personalized dietary regimens aimed at truly achieving our clients health and wellness goals, leaving no areas of fitness and business unchecked. 

We are a turnkey opportunity!

Joining the FitPro Team you are omitting the trial and error out of your business plan advancing your business venture by years on day one! FitPro™ Franchise provides you with a fully built and turnkey ready location, built by our construction team, equipped with everything from the weights and workout gear FitPro trainers use, to the color paint on the walls, you will be ready for business on day one! From site selection and negotiations with our national leasing partners, to initial and ongoing support and training,  FitPro™ opportunities are designed for streamlined business unity, support and success. A proven, proprietary strategy and concept that has been formulated over two decades has arrived and is finally ready for all those ready to become FitPro™ business pros! FitPro™ fundamentals and principles are changing the way we view getting fit and completing the Fitness regimen! FitPro is not a Gym, this is a culture and a lifestyle built for gains!

Health and Wellness Franchise
Ever Created

FitPro Focuses on all facets of health and fitness

FitPro™ is the first and only of its kind Fitness franchise and destination, offering a unique, yet effective, all in one solution for fitness and well being. From personal Fitness professionals, NOT trainers, to Nutritionist and even doctors, we have covered every area of fitness and health. From a proprietary intelligent Digital platform for our clients to keep them on track in becoming FitPro’s, to our Alkaline detox performance water machines in all locations, and our proprietary on-boarding process created to learn more about our clients Fitness goals, Fitpro™ has truly revolutionized the Fitness industry in so many ways. Many forget the full circle of becoming fit, staying fit and maintaining and sustaining a happy and healthy life, Fitpro™ has not. Join us in our pursuit to turn 1 million people into FitPro’s this year!

It is a Modern day solution
that is all encompassing, and the first of its kind!

FitPro™ takes it a step further with our proprietary FitPro™ Profile where all Members can not only feel the benefits, but see them on their own Digital profiles. FitPro™ continuously focuses on bridging the gap between health and fitness, as it is our belief, they are one in the same. For far too long big box gyms have missed the most important areas of staying fit, reaching maximum and sustainable goals, this is why FitPro has married both topics, fitness and health. By doing so, the FitPro™ concept is life sustaining, and an all encompassing concept that will change how people perceive gyms and workout regimens. Become part of the movement with the best in the business, own your own locations today!



Barry Smith
Reality Celebrity & Entrepreneur

Barry Smith is a New Orleans native nationally known by most everyone in the fitness industry. With over 25 years of experience with training and instructing, he’s a Fitness genius and an entrepreneur at heart involving himself with anything dealing with health & wellness.

Barry is the owner of FUEL Center of Fitness, FitPro™ Franchise, FIRST TEAM Athletic Apparel and Pound Cakes, protein packed pancake mix. All of which have been featured on Bravo TV’s Southern Charm NOLA and various major and reputable outlets showcasing his diversities in the health and wellness sector.

Barry Smith's Fitness layers

Being a personal trainer for more than 25 years, he decided to pursue a career in athletic performance training. FUEL Sports Performance teamed up with sports agents in their efforts to get their athletes ready for their NFL Pro Days. Because of how successful Barry’s techniques were, he decided to open his own gym and incorporate the same workout Techniques used on his NFL clients, into actual classes. That’s when FUEL C.O.F. came into existence. Barry knew that his gym couldn’t just be another “gym,” so he designed his own cutting edge classes that all demographics can benefit from, that made FUEL a workout destination, not just a destination to workout.

The classes that made FUEL Center of Fitness are exactly how the FitPro™ Franchise was born. Long gone are the days of the big box gyms. People want to be a part of something exclusive and community based. The 4 proprietary classes we developed are the backbone of the franchise, but just a layer of the foundation. With on-boarding for every member, heart rate monitors, diet plans and consultations, FitPro™ brand is fitness 360°! 

Coming from an athletic background, and spending most of his days at FitPro™, Barry lives ¾’s of his life in sportswear. As such, he teamed up with a friend and came up with an athletic apparel brand, but not just another “athletic apparel” brand. Barry knew that ALL starters on any team were referred to as “First Team offense” or “First Team defense.” That being said, the name was a no brainer. Since then, FIRST TEAM has teamed up with Ghost Tactical to develop their revolutionary “No Stink” DR711 Pro Line. The line wash launched and has experience exponential growth and success!

Breakfast being one of Barry’s favorite meals of the day, and proven to be the most important meal of the day, he decided to team up with a well known chef to develop his own line of protein pancakes. 3 Pound Cakes have more than 1 ½ times the protein as the leading protein pancake mixes on the market. This product is available in FitPro™ Locations and exclusivity terms are offered to our Franchisees.

Being married to Tamica Lee, Barry is no stranger to the lime light. It was all for his wife until they both were casted by Bravo TV to be on the hit TV franchise, Southern Charm. Since the show, Barry is full steam ahead in providing FitPro Locations exposure for rapid growth and immediate familiarity. Stay tuned, there’s definitely more to come in Season 3! Will your location be featured? Reach out and lets make history!


Huge FitPro™ Following

From surrounding markets including celebrity endorsements, nationally televised and large Social following

Proprietary Workout classes

To meet all client fitness goals, workout like the Pro’s, only found at FitPro™ locations

Onsite Training

To ensure a successful launch and special visits by well known and renowned Fitness professionals and athletes

Product Exclusivity & Protected Area

Providing High performance and trusted brands that our locations can guarantee will not be available in competitor Fitness outlets

Established Brand Including Proprietary Proven Systems

Enjoy Products, business methods and workout regimens that are trusted and proven by the top Fitness Professionals and athletes

Loyal Client Base

FitPro™ Clients are proven to be loyal, as bonds are created our clients depend on FitPro’s full circle health and wellness model at one destination, FitPro™

Absentee Owners Welcomed

Not a Fitness professional, but want to tap into a booming sector? FitPro™ offers Franchisees the ability to own locations and enjoy managerial support from Corporate

Superior Marketing Staff

That provides on-going national and local marketing support and campaigns that largely benefits all locations

Step‐by-Step Operations Manual

Including digital volumes that are designed for easy to follow business management, simplifying our unity and brands model

Aggressive growth Agenda

Resulting in your locations higher bottom-line value initially, and as FitPro™ continues to grow

Multi Unit Agreements Available

Own one or many FitPro locations and enjoy wide range exclusivity and success

Internet Sales from Supplements and FitPro™ Merchandise

Each location is provided a custom website for visibility and sales from our proprietary products and apparel

Below Market Royalty Fees & Term

We believe that our locations need to gain in all areas, hence our below industry standard fees and terms

In Business For Yourself Not By Yourself

Ditch the trial and error, the years it takes to protect and perfect a brand, tap into a system ready model with Top fitness experts, nutritionist, pro athletes, entrepreneurs and celebs


FitPro™ Proprietary Meal Plans From our World Renowned Nutritionist



We incorporate meal plans for every member during our on-boarding process. Meals plans are broken into categories and tailored for our members. Our Proprietary meals plans include; Bulking, Shredding, Heart healthy and Vegetarian. All Member meal plans are added to members digital profile and can be accessed via our propriety digital space.

FitPro™ Stealth Detox Performance Water Stations in all Location



We live in a polluted world and every day your body receives over a 100,000 Free Radical Attacks. When you drink Stealth Clusters, Free Radicals are Attacked and destroyed instantly, and the deep active hydrogen delivers constant energy all day at the cellular level throughout your entire body.



Lowest investment cost and monthly overhead in the Fitness industry with the highest gains


A true Turn-key ready opportunity with massive exposure on day one


Prior experience not required, work with the Pros everybody knows


Minimal investment risk in a high energy sector with instant notoriety


Complete location set-up with a classy modern layout and design


Best in class franchisee support, including initial and ongoing


All initial and ongoing marketing materials and campaigns on the nations top outlets


Website and social media platforms designed for your location(s)